Abschiedsgeschenk Kindergarten & Erzieherin: Merci

Mit dieser Druckvorlage für Merci-Schokolade könnt ihr ein schönes Abschiedsgeschenk für die Erzieher und Erzieherinnen in eurem Kindergarten basteln und Danke sagen.
Abschiedsgeschenk vom Kindergarten oder Lehrer: Druckvorlage für einen persönlichen Merci-Kasten (unbeauftragte Werbung) als Dankeschön für die Erzieherinnen im Kindergarten oder Lehrer in der Schule

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How I Hang Wall Art and Mirrors Instantly

Hang things on your walls? End the frustration about where to place the nail. Make this handy gadget with a free paint stirring stick. Fast and easy...one hole and done!
No need to make more nail holes in walls than necessary. This DIY hanging picture hanging gadget will help you hang wall art, mirrors and more perfectly level in minutes.

What Color Mermaid Are You?

Will you be a tangerine mermaid or an indigo one? Find out in this quiz! #vintagemermaid
Will you be a tangerine mermaid or an indigo one? Find out in this quiz!

Lobster Roll (UV / LED Polish) by CND Shellac

CND Shellac Lobster Roll, Free Shipping at Nail Polish Canada
Description CND Shellac is a cross between nail polish and gel. It is to be applied like regular nail polish but must be cured using a UV lamp. Shellac lasts much longer than your regular manicure; up to 14 days without chipping or peeling. Dry time is instant, making the application process fast and ensuring your polish doesn’t smudge. See basic application instructions below or view detailed instructions here. Shellac Application Instructions Apply Shellac UV Base Coat and cure each hand for 10 seconds under UV lamp. Apply one thin coat of Shellac color polish and cure for 2 minutes. Apply a second coat of color polish and cure for 2 minutes. Apply Shellac UV Top Coat and cure for 2 minutes. Remove the film left on top of the nail with a lint free pad soaked in 99% Isopropyl Alcohol (available at most drugstores). Each bottle is 7.3 mL and will last about 20 applications. This product contains no formaldehyde, Toluene or DBP 5 Reviews 5 Perfect Posted by Fran on 11th Apr 2019 The colour is beautiful, can be used on all occasions 123 5 Fun summer colour! Posted by Marcy on 5th Mar 2017 This is a happy summer colour, somewhere between a red and an orange creme. It is my go to colour when I want a change from Wildfire. 123 5 Beautiful bright red Posted by Unknown on 30th Jul 2016 Love the colour , bright summer red ...the only thing is that you need to apply three coats but the end result is beautiful !! 123 5 THE BEST COLOUR EVER! Posted by Dale on 2nd Jul 2015 I love the CND Lobster Roll colour. I have worn it all year, as it goes with everything I wear and is a great summer colour! 123